Reiki healing

Reiki healing, commonly known as energy healing, refers to an alternative form of therapy developed in Japan in the 1800s. This form of healing involves the transfer of universal energy from the Reiki healer to their patients using the palms.

The history of this form of healing begins in the year 1965 with its founder Dr. Mikao Usui, who was born in a wealthy Buddhist family. Coming from a wealthy family, Dr. Usui was able to receive education from all sectors of life, including martial arts, Japanese Chi Kung, and swordsmanship. However, with time he developed an interest in other subjects such as theology, psychology, and health and medicine.

How to become a Reiki healer

There are several ways of becoming a Reiki healer. Some of those methods include: undergoing a college course, and one can be trained by a Reiki master while in the process going through a series of initiations and also by attending a specialist course, which is usually run by private training organizations. To understand all the stages of Reiki healing and become a master for a beginner, it takes a maximum of three years.

The required skills include:

• Active listening skills ensure one learns more and new stuff, which is efficient.

• You must able to work well with your hands; this is one of the main tools used by the healer.

• Have excellent communication skills; this is what will facilitate understanding and sharing.

• Be patient and also have the ability to remain calm even in stressful situations. This is one of the main characteristics of a healer.

How the Reiki healing works

According to the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Reiki healing involves the guiding of Reiki energy by the Reiki healer through specific areas of a patient’s body to promote his/her healing abilities. It’s keynoting that the Reiki healers, in this case, are not the leading causes of the healing nor the sources of the healing energy, they are simply the channels of transmission. To transmit this form of energy, the Reiki healers are required to receive an attunement, and they are also needed to learn certain hand positions through which they send the power. By using the learned hand positions, the Reiki healers can either rest them on the patient’s body or “dial-up” and send the energy to a distant person (it also requires one to learn the long-distance symbols which will enable them to “dial-up”).

How the Reiki technique manages to heal

To understand how the Reiki energy works, we first have to acknowledge that our body is alive because of the complete flow of “life force energy “through it. This energy flowing through our bodies assists in nourishing the body and balancing the systems. Hence after the Reiki healers transfer the Reiki energy into the patient, the energy helps the patient’s body in releasing tension and stress by creating intense relaxation. By this, the body unlocks the free flow of its “life force energy.”